Religion: Why Are People Attracted To Religion?

You can find a lot of religions on the earth currently; some of these have been around for Many many years plus some could possibly be referred to as new as compared. And in addition to the religions which are Obviously definable as religions, there are also other figures and institutions which can be serving an exceedingly equivalent function.

Having said that, these may not be found or perceived as possessing any similarities to religion.


Right before we Examine what these good reasons might be, Let us take a look at the term faith and its this means. During the dictionary the earth religion emanates from the Latin word Ligare and What this means is to bind.

So then, something that connects a person to anything might be classed for a faith according to this indicating.

And because the saying goes ‘The map is not the territory’. Something might be termed a faith, but which is merely a phrase and it does not demonstrate Significantly of what is really happening. It does not clarify the psychology that is certainly included.


The phrase has obtained a rather destructive this means eventually and This is due to with the behaviour of some of the people that have related them selves with a specific faith.

Religion could be blamed; but it doesn’t choose away our have particular person responsibility.

The Intent

Is just not essential regardless of whether one believes in religion or not. The purpose of That is to look deeply at what is likely to be attracting people to associative with religions and at the same time what demands This may be fulfilling within the particular person.

This is often also to not say that what draws in individuals to religion is usually dysfunctional.

A Metaphor

It is similar to when just one is hungry; right here one particular consumes food stuff to appease the feeling of starvation. The need to take in is just not detrimental or dysfunctional; it is actually a part of existence.

On the other hand, It might be smart to look at why 1 is hungry as well as what would attract just one to sure foods. From time to time these will be nutritious foods and sometimes these are going to be harmful. One could possibly be drawn to harmful foods, but as opposed to blaming the foods you can take a look at what on earth is attracting them for the foods. This might be classed as being a conscious eater.

My Viewpoint

These views are my viewpoint and I don’t claim to get the many responses or the one solutions. My interest is just not from the legitimacy of any faith or religion for each se. What pursuits me is considering the psychology of religion.

I think that with the observation of how the ego head functions, one can obtain an improved understanding of religion.

The Ego Intellect

This is actually the A part of us that may be conditioned by our encounters. Some could be traumatic and some of these may have very little effect on our lives. And what these encounters do is variety how we understand truth.

And the way in which it perceives lifestyle is while polarities. Listed here there are actually only at any time two methods and The entire of lifetime is going to be perceived as a result of 1 of these strategies. Here is the superior along with the lousy; the ideal and the worn and so forth. Existence is then damaged up into components. Existence turns into an expression of hierarchy and not wholarchy.

The Moi fears modify and this is because the only way it might purpose and exist is thru issues being a similar. It feels Risk-free with what’s acquainted. And when a little something had been to change; it might suggest Dying for the ego head.

Its id and only level of reference may be the previous along with the present moment is always currently being interpreted dependant on earlier experiences.


One of many things that trauma does is build conflict and separation. 1 feels separate from the things they motivation and need. Exactly what the Moi does is task these requirements externally.

These requirements can consist of the necessity to really feel: related, empowered, significant and safe; along with the require for which means and purpose.

The Self

And so the ego intellect has in the long run been designed from agony and trauma. It is far from a true expression of who a person is. The accurate self is extremely distinctive on the Moi thoughts. Right here 1 is usually the observer on the brain instead of the mind itself

Keep On!

But let’s forget about the correct self for the moment and let’s keep on with the Moi intellect. Here one particular has long been Slice off from who they really are and is also now residing in the Moi minds perceptions and projections.

A natural consequence should be to project these needs and needs to an external resource. And also to the degree that a person has not realised one thing in; will define how much anyone appears to be like devoid of.

How can This Generally Glimpse?

It really is impossible to take a look at just about every element below; so let’s look at the more widespread occurrences.

Greater Or Decreased

With the mind Performing in polarities and better getting viewed as much better than decreased, it will make total sense for gods to typically exist in the sky. This is because trauma could cause just one to establish with their ego and come to feel inferior and underneath Many others. And if this happens and 1 feels inferior or beneath Yet another, there will be the inclination to perceive others as becoming bigger or exceptional.


Because the Moi fears transform and for that reason Loss of life it then gets to be essential for religions to guarantee an afterlife by way of example. Using this method the Moi head feels Protected and can make certain that there is a tomorrow.


The ego intellect also demands certainty which is an element of sensation safe. Like some thing is different it of course would not really feel Safe and sound. This also shows the significance of staying correct; as Should the mind is Mistaken it may lead to Loss of life. And this surely shows why There’s typically the insistence on a person religion becoming right and An additional faith remaining wrong. The person’s ego is seeking external certainty to quiet the uncertainty that is Lively in.


And if a person feels independent from existence and Reduce off internally because of trauma or perception, They are going to be drawn to everything exterior that claims connection and a sense of belonging.

Control And Empowerment

Religion is usually found as controlling. And through the several traumas, kinds Moi thoughts is likely to sense an absence of Manage and empowerment. A person then must do or be much more than Many others to compensate for this inner state. This usually results in being a necessity to regulate A further or Other people.

As well as a universal determine or archetype for empowerment is commonly the male or masculine determine. This certainly, reveals up in loads of different religions. The feminine or feminine Strength commonly represents nurturing; to ensure that would not evoke the exact same practical experience the male determine would do in men and women.

Goal And Which means

It is alleged that ones intent and indicating is one thing a person finds in. And it is an expression of the center and not the brain. Nevertheless one of the things that conditioning and trauma does is Slice 1 off from their heart. Types attention is then far more very likely to be centered on the outside world rather than on What’s going on in.